This website is an 24/7 journal club for intensivists in the East Midlands. If you struggle to get to traditional journal clubs, miss important papers, or want to share your ideas and opinions with your collegeues then Critical Insight is for you.

We welcome posts on any paper that you feel is of interest to others in the region. We encourage everyone to comment openly, we can all benefit from the insights of others. This website is an experiment in progress, a new way to foster continuing professional development. It’s success rests on the enthusiasm of all of us, so why not join in?

For a basic guide to the site see the next page. Information on how to post & comment is in the page, “How to post…”

If you’ve any general feed back, questions or problems with the site please email danjrharvey@gmail.com

Dr Dan Harvey

SpR Critical Care Medicine

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  1. The LITFL Review 001 on

    […] pin-point pressure over the site of maximal bleeding in vascular neck trauma.The Rest of the BestCritical InsightThis blog was brought to our attention by Neuro-ICU.com‘s Oli Flower, who is also part of the […]

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