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Lower Tidal Volume Strategy (3ml/kg) Combined with Extracorporeal CO2 Removal Versus ‘Conventional’ Protective Ventilation (6 ml/kg) in Severe ARDS (Bein et al)

Intensive Care Med Vol 39, Issue 5, pg 847–856, May 2013

QMC AICU Journal Club, April 2013.

Dr Amit Pancholi 


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Post Publication Peer Review

First an apology, there’s been quite a gap since my last post. I will be trying my best to increase the frequency of appraisals on Critical Insight, especially since Schringer & Altman’s editorial in this week’s BMJ. They comment that the “lack of post-publication review of medical research is a sign of an unhealthy research environment in clinical medicine”, and that “we need a change in culture to value public discussion”, I couldn’t agree more.
The major journals have a vested interest in suppressing critical appraisal of published papers as this tends to undermine their pre-publication peer review, a process that has failed to prevent publication of flawed research and in any case adds little to clinicians ability to apply that research. Letters to the editor are limited, screened by the same process that published the original research and significantly delayed. Apart from the BMJ other major journals have not embraced post publication discussion, although there are other sites that are filling the gap, for instance F1000 (conflict of interest – I have also published appraisals for this site).

Critical Insight was started to help fill this post publication review gap, and your help in the form of comments and posts is always welcome. To that end I’ve removed the need to be signed in to comment, if you can see the site you should be able to post a comment.

BIS – magic prediction post arrest ?

A fascinating paper very well reviewed by Dr. James Dawson at the QMC journal club;

The bispectral index and suppression ratio are very early predictors of neurological outcome during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest Intensive Care Med. 2010 Feb;36(2):281-8. Epub 2009 Oct 22. Continue reading

Medpedia & Twitter

Critical Insight has been included as a founding member of Medpedia’s News & Analysis website. Medpedia is an exciting project to build a first class medical resource on the internet using world wide wiki collaboration in association with major US universities, you can find more details here. Critical Insight was started to try and encourage similar professional collaboration and discussion, and I hope that international visitors will find Critical Insight useful.

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