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You can join in the discussion in 2 ways, either post a new paper, or comment on an existing one. There’s no need to be a member of WordPress anymore, so please feel free to comment. To post an origial paper critical appraisal you will need to be a member. Please email for info.

Posting a new paper

  1. Log in and click “new post”
  2. Please title your post with a short version of the papers title. Include the main authors surname, the short form journal name and the year. For example “APC in Sepsis. Smith. CCM, July 2008”.
  3. The post should begin with a full citation.
  4. The paper needs to be accessible to others. There are 2 ways to do this a) use a link to the paper elsewhere on the web or b) upload a PDF of the paper to Critical Insight. Only papers freely available can be uploaded to comply with copyright, otherwise use links at their location within athens.
  5. You can leave it there….or even better include a short critical analysis of the paper, summary of the findings and your opinion of the paper. For pointers to quick, succinct and effective critical analysis tools try CONSORT, or the tools available from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford (link on the right). Good discussions will follow from insightful analysis.
  6. Tags – please tag your post! Over time Critical Insight will build into a useful resource, and posts will be easy to find if tagged well. Include the author name, journal name, year of publication and subject as a minimum. Ideally also include all the papers keywords.
  7. Remember to sign your name at the bottom of the post.

Comment on a paper

  1. Just start typing!

How to “link” to a paper elsewhere on the web

  1. Find the paper on the web and copy the “http://…..” address. Ideally readers should be able to access the full text of the paper (e.g with an athens password).
  2. Select the citation in your post
  3. Click the chain link icon in the post editing bar – paste the web address into the pop up box (n.b you need only one copy of the opening http://)
  4. When you’ve finished your post & published it – check the link works from the main page.

How to upload a PDF to Critical Insight

  1. the website uses an embedded file store called “”
  2. At the moment only the site administrator can upload files (we’re working on it!) – please email the pdf to, and we’ll upload it ASAP.
  3. Please give the file a name that represents the content so that it can be found easily, always include the main authors name and ideally the journal name/date.
  4. Make sure readers know your file is available – mention it in your post.

If you’re having trouble email for more help.

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