1. Reading posts & papers is better than nothing, but just like a traditional journal club real learning can result from discussion, so join in!
  2. You don’t have to keep checking the site for new additions – subscribe! Use the RSS service either with your browser or use a dedicated reader such as Google Reader (recommended). You can subscribe to new posts, comments or both. See the link on the right.
  3. Although primarily a journal club, posts highlighting other important or interesting sources can be useful – for example a new report, website or presentation.
  4. Tag. Accurate & relevant tags make your post much more useful and long lasting. Try clicking tags on the right to see all posts on your preferred topic.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words….if there’s a vital graphic in your paper you can include it in the post. Copy it to your desktop and the “add media” in the new post window. (Don’t break copyright please!)
  6. Links – hover the cursor over underlined text to see a snapshot of the linked website.
  7. Feel free to post older “classic” papers for renewed discussion, or just to add to the resource.
  8. Critical Insights is a web 2.0 service, it’s only as good as it’s users make it.
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